Fixed-Camera 3rd Person + 1st Person

Hello, I’m just starting and I’m not sure where to begin. I’d like to make a game that has both 3rd-person fixed-camera areas (think old-school Resident Evil) and 1st person areas. Which template should I start with? And what is the best way to program 3rd person fixed-camera areas (modify the 3rd person template or come up with a blueprint)? This might be an easy question but I’d like to get started on the right foot.

I started with the third person template and added in functionality to move to first person. I started with this tutorial and ended up changing it to switch between first and third person when clicking the middle mouse button using the flip flop node in blueprints. Probably not the most elegant solution but it currently works as necessary.

Hey 0vr,

Old-School RE 2 all the way, definitely my favorite in the series! What you would want to do is create a couple of CameraActors in your scene and place them in their fixed positions so you get the views you’re looking for. When you click on a CameraActor in UE4, you should immediately see a preview window showing you what it sees. If not, I believe there is an option in your Viewport Options in the top left corner of your viewport that should enable this (don’t have UE4 opened at the moment so I can’t say which one for sure). Once you do that, you are then going to create a new geometry brush that’s a box and place and size it where you want the player to trigger it. This will act as an area that the player will cross over that tells UE4 to switch cameras which in the Unreal Engine is called a Trigger Volume. You are going to want to create one using the upper left hand panel and place in your Trigger Volumes in your scene.

Once those are done, go into your level Blueprint and add a reference to the TriggerVolume and the CameraActor it is triggering in you Blueprint. Your in luck because I just posted a tutorial on multiple camera angles. It’s for a Pawn but can be changed to work with your Level Blueprint. The only thing you want to change is the New View Target to use your CameraActor reference instead. To hook up to the Exec Pin on the Set View Target With Blend, you are going to want to have your TriggerVolume selected and in your Blueprint, right-click and select to create an event and I am not sure but I think the event name you are looking for is called OnTouched or something along those lines. Hook up that events Exec pin to the Set View Target With Blend’s Exec Pin and follow the rest I am doing in my tutorial. Link below…

Note: On startup, you will need to wire up a Event Begin Play event to setup your initial level camera and its probably best you delete one from your Pawn if one exists unless you want the player to take control of the camera at some point.

Thank you! Yes that sounds logical and should work. I’m running into this weird problem (i think it’s a bug with the engine) where it crashes every time I try to create a level blueprint event either from the menu on the right side when the trigger box is selected or when right clicking on the trigger box and selecting to add a new level event. This is probably unrelated to my initial question though. Not sure what to do about it. But your answer should definitely be right.

It works! that other problem was fixed by verifying the install in the launcher.

I tried this last night and got that working which set me on the right track. Thanks!

Awesome! Glad to hear it. :smiley: