FIXED: Adding more Resources to the Island Map AND OTHER MAPS


I finally found out how to add resources to Ragnarok and possibly all other maps.

Turns out to add Ragnarok Resources, it’s the same steps but you put the mod map inside the ark Island Submaps. It only loads out of that folder for some reason.

The video linked it great, BUT TRANSFERRING FOLIAGE TO A DIFFERENT LAYER DOES NOT WORK ANYMORE OR AT LEAST ON MY MACHINE. You have to highlight your mod map before painting.

Basic Steps:

  1. Make a new map level and place it in The Island Submaps folder.
  2. Load Landscape of the Island or Landscape v2 of Ragnarok.

Note: This will take a LONG TIME on your first load and it put the pc under a lot of stress. Not for weak pc’s.

There are ways to decrease stress on the cpu but that’s another post.

  1. Click Levels and double click your MOD map level until it’s blue or highlighted so you will only paint on the mod map level. Painting on landscape is bad, only paint on the mod map level.
  2. Copy Resource meshes and settings into the MOD Folder you will be using to cook.
    5.Paint Resources on Mod Map level usinf resources in your mod folder.
    7.Select the folder to cook and type the mod map level in the level name you left in The Island Sub maps.
  3. Cook
    Warning!: THIS WILL TAKE A VERY VERY LONG TIME AND AGAIN CAN STRESS OUT A PC HARD. It took my workstation 24 hours on the first cooks of the island and Ragnarok.

I added some more pearls and marsh grasses with their settings and meshes to the island submap using only the landscape level for viewing then saved the resources to a new level.

I’ve tried cooking it multiple times with different settings with map extension which doesn’t seem to work with a file size of 0.001 mb and game mod with a file size of 0.468 mb.
After subbing and putting it in my single player mod order with 7 different cooks, the resources will not appear.

I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong.

I’ve tried cooking a the mod with it own folder, cooked it inside the Island submap folder. I’ve add the meshes/settings of the resources into the folders, but nothing seems to be working.
I’ve looked at multiple youtube tutorials and forums, but none of them specifically talking about adding existing resources to the Island.

Can anyone explain what I’m missing or provide a step by step guide to what I’m trying to accomplish?

Did you try this?

I manged to get the Island Extension to work, however I can not get it to work with Ragnarok. I followed the same steps, but it’s not registering. Same issue with the cook where’s .001 mbs in size.

  • How slected mode cook mod extented?

To cook a map extension, move your submap into “The Island” Submaps folder, and then select “Cook Island Extension” in Steam Upload menu.