FIX WIDESCREEN & ULTRA WIDESCREEN Please please please please

I’ve scoured around for fixes to some widescreen fixes for the UE4 engine games after getting my ultra widescreen monitor (had 3 monitors before in Eyefinity so I thought there was an issue already). However, you have all these games on you “store” that are unplayable to some of us. I’ve even tried that trick to edit the engine.ini file and put in a script, but that doesn’t even work. How hard is it for a modern engine to correctly display aspect ratios? I see skeleton crew teams of developers do it right, yet Epic cannot do so? To make matters worse their UE3 engine had it done correctly and the newest one does not.

I will be boycotting purchasing any new UE4 games until this is fixed, and yes I realize that could be quite a few games.

This forum is for game developers using unreal engine 4 to develop games, not for UE 4 based game support.