Fix the Linux UI, Context Menu, High DPI Sizing, Resizing.

If you right-click near the bottom of the screen on Windows the context menu is properly shifted above the mouse cursor on Linux it opens below the cursor and is cut off.

On a 4k monitor with High DPI enabled the text is super small. The editor does not respect the zoom level configured in the system settings.

Although, windows that pop-up like the Add Class wizard, do behave properly.

When you resize the Editor window, the Content browser does not allow interaction after the resize.

There is also a crash when attempting to edit a Paper2D sprite.

Love UE4, but it is a challenge to work with on my high-end Linux laptop. I appreciate your hard work!

Hardware is a System76 Serval with a Geforce RTX 2080 and 4K built-in display running Ubuntu 18.04(PopOs).

Hey @CyrusVirothian - Would you fill out a report on your experience for our teams, please?