Fix Spline rotation ?

Trying to find a way to fix / lock the rotation / direction of a Spline Point, the Spline Mesh keep deforming and want to align 2 splines end to end. Is there a way to do this ?

From what I recall, there’s a Set Spline Rotation function which you can use to set the rotation of a spline point.

In order for them to match, determine the two spline points (can be from different splines) and copy the rotation of one to the other.
If you want to lock the rotation, you could just set the rotation to 0 each time.

If you edit the spline in the editor, place this code in the Construction part of the blueprint.

For the direction, you will have to set the tangent in those points. Should also work to copy the tangent from one point to the other, I think. If not, you will have to mirror them by the plane in which the splines meet.