Fix pls [The class name must not be longer than 32 characters]

I am trying to create new C++ class from editor, and getting error: **The class name must not be longer than 32 characters.

**Increase this number at least up to 64 characters.

My class names very strict and i cannot name them shorter or longer, i just name them exactly like they have to be named for me, i have very strict rules for naming.


PS: ofc i know that i can change name in visualstudio directly to desired name, but would be nice to do that in first place from editor.

Hey NewbProfi,

Thanks for making the request. I have logged this as UE-18562 to be taken into further consideration by our developers.
Let us know if you have any further questions, have a wonderful day!

  • Samantha

For what it’s worth, I’d like to second this request. 32 characters is a bit short if you have any kind of naming scheme at all and your class hierarchy is more than two levels deep.

Really? Won’t this break the “generated” files associated with the class? And if there’s a hard limit of 32 characters somewhere inside the engine, won’t forcing the name to be longer cause problems?

EDIT: Just tried it with a long class name and haven’t seen any bad behavior yet.

How can this still be an issue 6 years later?

I don’t appreciate having to use shortenings in class/struct names, especially when I have many structs that are very closely related and several layers deep.

Would be nizzle to get fixed.