Fix optical distortion android VR

I’ve finally finished a “game” which basically is a tour around a house I’ve projected using VR. everything work, light are built fine and material don’t show much problems wrapping meshes.
As I test the game with VR preview on pc, It looks good, but once I package the project, the view looks pretti distorted.
I’m not sure, but it seems the device distorts the images rounding them.

Obviously the door frame should be straight lined.
How can I fix this problem, which affects really bad the realism of the view?

That’s what the GoogleVR plugin does to compensate for the lens distortion on the google cardboard headset - its basically the reverse of the lens distortion so that what the viewer sees is the right image when they look through the headset.

If you do not have your phone set up correctly to know what headset you are using then it can distort incorrectly.

Additionally some cheaper manufacturers have the wrong settings stored in their QR codes or just bad lenses.

You’ll also want to remove the virtual joysticks

Thanks for the answer. I havn’t scanned the QR code. I think the lenses just make it even worse then. I bought the cheapest vr boxes since we use them on events, but ours funds areb’t enough to afford something better. We’re a university project.
What’s strange is the I already cleared the virtual joypad setting. I’ll try to figure out something as soon as i come back in few weeks.
Thanks for the reply