[FIX-INCLUDE-REQUEST] - CableComponent using objects reset on editor start-up and error in packaging

Hi Epic,

Recently I experienced “Failed to load ‘/Script/CableComponent.CableComponent’” error for CableComponent using blueprints on editor startup.

I was able to use them in editor. Play in PIE but when I restart editor I was getting this error. So made a little research and found fix in Substance forum (Fails to load some substances, "Can't find file '/Script/SubstanceCore'").

I added “LoadingPhase”: “PreDefault” to modules section of CableComponent.uplugin

Can you guys please include fix in next release if it is not fixed after 4.8.2 (I am using 4.8.2 right now) ?

	"FileVersion" : 3,
	"FriendlyName" : "Cable Component",
	"Version" : 1,
	"VersionName" : "1.0",
	"CreatedBy" : "Epic Games, Inc.",
	"CreatedByURL" : "",
	"EngineVersion" : "4.2.0",
	"Description" : "A simulated cable component.",
	"Category" : "Rendering",
	"EnabledByDefault" : true,
	"Modules" :
			"Name" : "CableComponent",
			"LoadingPhase": "PreDefault",
			"Type" : "Runtime"			

Thank you for this. Its still causing this error! hah.

This is still not fixed.
Is it possible to change the LoadingPhase for a project such that I can automatically deploy the workaround to the entire team and keep it across different engine versions?

Finally i was able to find the same problem…
its still happening to me V4.24

still happening 4.24.3