[FIX-INCLUDE-REQUEST] - CableComponent using objects reset on editor start-up and error in packaging

Hi Epic,

Recently I experienced “Failed to load ‘/Script/CableComponent.CableComponent’” error for CableComponent using blueprints on editor startup.

I was able to use them in editor. Play in PIE but when I restart editor I was getting this error. So made a little research and found fix in Substance forum (Adobe Support Community).

I added “LoadingPhase”: “PreDefault” to modules section of CableComponent.uplugin

Can you guys please include fix in next release if it is not fixed after 4.8.2 (I am using 4.8.2 right now) ?

	"FileVersion" : 3,
	"FriendlyName" : "Cable Component",
	"Version" : 1,
	"VersionName" : "1.0",
	"CreatedBy" : "Epic Games, Inc.",
	"CreatedByURL" : "http://epicgames.com",
	"EngineVersion" : "4.2.0",
	"Description" : "A simulated cable component.",
	"Category" : "Rendering",
	"EnabledByDefault" : true,
	"Modules" :
			"Name" : "CableComponent",
			"LoadingPhase": "PreDefault",
			"Type" : "Runtime"			

Thank you for this. Its still causing this error! hah.

This is still not fixed.
Is it possible to change the LoadingPhase for a project such that I can automatically deploy the workaround to the entire team and keep it across different engine versions?

Finally i was able to find the same problem…
its still happening to me V4.24

still happening 4.24.3

Some blueprints like the PlayerController are loaded during the PreDefault phase when opening Unreal. This means that if a reference to the actor with the CableComponent is in it, it will load it at the same time. However, the CableComponent is loaded by default only in the Default phase. Resulting on a bug

To overcome this, it suffices to register the references in Soft Class or Soft Object in the variables of the PlayerController or other