Fix export problem

I’ve got a workflow to export camera and object data to Fusion for post compositing and it works well. I notice though that any object animation or adding a camera shake to the sequence, doesn’t get into the fbx file.
Is it a limitation or am I doing something wrong?

I don’t know what export options are there but if there’s a bake keyframes option then that’s what you’d want to mess with. That would convert things like noise to keyframes so that you can export the animation to other programs.

Ah, Haven’t seen a baking option, but that’s a good starting point to check out. Many thanks

Still no joy. Anyone got any thoughts? There doesn’t seem to be a way to bake the sequence. I can’t see why the camera and objects are different, they all use keyframes just the same.

When you add something like camera shake it’s not created as keyframes, it’s like an ‘effect’ the software is applying to the animation. When you convert to another software then that software would have to have the same function to be able to do it and that’s not the kind of thing that would match between software. If you’re using some feature like that, then the only way for another program to be able to get that animation exactly would be if it was converted to keyframes.

Hi thanks for the answer. I get the camera shake, but object animation, (e.g. like moving or rotating a cube) produces the same keyframes as the camera does on the timeline. I would have thought that should export the same as the camera animation. It just seems to ignore it.
I was trying to export the movement of a train, but had to move the camera instead of the train model. It worked, but it does limit output options