Fix broken reference in asset


I changed the project name and some folder names using this guide:

though the project built fine with the changes, I have some BPs and assets seems hold references to old project name:

Error /Game/UIResources/SGTooltipBP : Can't find file for asset. /Script/Spirits
Info Failed to load /Script/Spirits.SGTooltip Referenced by PackageMetaData
Info Failed to load /Script/Spirits.SGTooltip Referenced by SGTooltipBP
Error /Game/Maps/mainmenu : Can't find file for asset. /Script/Spirits
Info Failed to load /Script/Spirits.SpiritsGameInstance Referenced by K2Node_DynamicCast_1
Info Failed to load /Script/Spirits.SpiritsGameInstance Referenced by EdGraphPin_137
Info Failed to load /Script/Spirits.SpiritsGameInstance Referenced by K2Node_VariableSet_2
Info Failed to load /Script/Spirits.SpiritsGameInstance Referenced by EdGraphPin_78
Info Failed to load /Script/Spirits.SpiritsMenuGameMode Referenced by WorldSettings

how can I fix these problems (I cant open the assets ofc due to error…)?


Wow. Almost 4 years have gone by and no body bothered to help this Samaritan out.


Yeah, Shame too. We’re having the same problem. Our game shows errors of references to an old file that was deleted ages ago. Even though we carefully removed and replaced references before deleting it and fixed up re-directors. The errors now show up. Weird because they didn’t show up right when the file was deleted, but a while later.


E_Class doesn’t exist anymore as it was replaced with a c++ Enumeration (BlueprintType). And the file DT_Items never even had the E_Class enum in its structure.


I had a similar problem I was dealing with from an engine plugin I decided to remove. I ended up finding the invalid reference (which wasn’t in the data table listed in my error) by opening the Reference Viewer (either right-click on something other than a folder in the Content Browser and select from the list or highlight something in the Content Browser and press Alt-Shift-R). Once in the Reference Viewer type in the full path of what failed to load in the nav bar at the top (Example from above would be, “/Script/Spirits.SGTooltip”) and press enter. That should show where the invalid reference is.

Hope that helps, good luck!


Any tips how I could manually edit these broken references?

Don’t have the old files left and it prevents me from packaging. :frowning:

Its a complete pain to do, but here you go:…cts/index.html

I’ve had to use this when converting stuff to c++ and redoing my work was not an option xD

Edit: Due to links being broken in the future, google "UE4 Core Redirects".

Looks like Mewbits’ issue is different than BigaCubensis’. BigaCubensis is having an issue related to a plugin not being loaded before it’s referenced (probably due to something amiss in the .uproject, .Build.cs, or the plugin’s .uplugin). Mewbits is having an issue exclusively in project files.

This might help with renaming projects. < looks to be the best/most updated one.
The last one I use was this one but it hasn’t been updated in years, though it still appears to work as of last year when I used it on a 4.26 project.
Also found this one too.

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I dunno how its work. Have error on load.
Load errors Failed to load /Game/ Referenced by CanvasPanelSlot_2
Make dublicate, its load without errors. Ok. Delete origin - dublicate make start this error too.
I open file with notepad, its have it CanvasPanelSlot_2, but ofcouse i can fix it in notepad, need other way.

I too got this error after deleting animation montages I was referencing on a data table, that was also being referenced on a blueprint.
I retargeted some animation montages, and replaced the original ones with the retargeted ones inside the data table, the proceeded to delete the original animation montages along with the skeletal mesh that used them.
Everything worked fine, but every time i used to reopen the unreal project, I was getting the failed to load asset error.
I right clicked the folder where the data tables were and used the reference viewer, I noticed the animation montages were still trying to reference the skeletal mesh of the original animation montages. So what I did was, open each of those animation montages that had the error, one by one, and switched the preview skeletal mesh to a different one and applied, saved. After I went through all of them, the error went away.