FiveAI - hiring artists and engineers to create autonomous vehicle simulator


Did you know you could use the same talents you use to make games, to instead create something that will actually have an impact on the future? FiveAI ( is a European leader developing software for self-driving vehicles. We’re forming a new team (based in London) of creative and technical professionals with VFX and games backgrounds to create simulated cities for testing and training autonomous vehicles. We’re especially seeking out people with UE4 experience.

You’ll earn a good market salary and benefits include private health cover and the possibility of company pension contributions. But this is also a rare opportunity to acquire start-up stock options in a future global leader.

For immediate hire…

**Environment Artist **

Surfacing / Texturing / Shading Artist

Technical Artist

Lead Graphics Engineer

Lead Simulation Engineer

Lead Tools Engineer

Senior Graphics Engineer

Alternatively, please email [EMAIL=“”]

Are you open to working with an External Partner in the interim, while you are starting up the London operations? Cheers!