Five years with Reality Capture

Hi! I´ve been creating 3D models the last 5 years with Reality Capture, and last time I counted it was about 2000 models. Lately, I´m having a little problem finding a new topic to scan. Maybe the macro scanning would be a whole new area? Anyway, these are some of my scans, I hope you enjoy :slight_smile: . If you have some questions about any of those I´d be happy to provide more details.
I´m using mostly photogrammetry, with a nikon and a sony camera. Sometimes, also lidar with the BLK360 scan, a good mix for a portable setup and big environments.



Summertime, for festivals. I live in a mining area with lots of old equipment. Steam engines are popular. Also boats. The Pacific Northwest has all different types of water and boats. Many model clubs have races. Aircraft Scale Model fly in’s will be good. Those guys spend many hours detailing the “Scale” model which most are 3ft+ and the events last for a few days so maybe a lot of possibilities. Got to revive this forum.

I’m looking to understand the optimal CPU, GPU, and memory specifications for 3D modeling and rendering. Given your experience, could you advise me on what types of configurations might be suitable for professional-grade projects? If there are any particular brands or models that you recommend, I would highly appreciate your insights.