Fishing Rod - New Engram

Hi all,

I’m brand new to this and would like some guidance if poss.

I’m seeing a basic fishing tools missing from ARK and would like to build a new Engram and tool - Fishing rod

A workable rod (wood) with line (fibre) that can cast and retrieve fish??

What advice can be shared?


You might want to wait until 13th August to look into this mod, cant really give a lot of advice right now as dev kit is still lack of some data needed to make this mod possible
I would think you would need to have a range check around your object, if anything get in range, check if that object is primal dino, and is underwater → then grab that object and trigger some random event that if it’s happen to be true, make your bait the new target and force them to move closer to that rod (and maybe some % change to break your rod as well)

Dont think the data to check that if dino is underwater is available now - as least i cant really find it

My best advice, make sure you are taking your time and doing your research. UE4 can be a bit finicky, and you don’t want a small error to cause you days of frustration. If you need help, either we can help you, or the main forum will be able to. It is very likely that you will need to do a fairly in depth blueprinting on the fishing rod, so be prepared for that.