FishGibble - A Game about a fish

FishGibble ™ Is a game about a fish, in a rather large oceanic fish tank, where you need to outsmart and out swim other not so friendly fish, to survive and complete your quest, to collect the keys required to unlock the doors, to the next level, but hurry, time is always running out!

Interesting idea! I think you should give the fish funny looking expressions :slight_smile:

Nice idea :). Which platform is this for? Mobile?

Your website doesnt seem to load.

Nice game.

Thank you… I will , working on my next game now!

Thank you!

Yes, and also PC, Mac (on Desura), Mobile, iOS (in review), Android (free version), released and available…

NOOOOOooo… Please check it again, I may have been busy uploading the new stuff.

Hi alwynd. Excellent Work! I admire your art style and rapid approach to fleshing out game mechanics to create smaller playable games…now. I’m leaning towards a similar approach. A 4-in-1 Arcade Sim targeted for PC and Mobile. My weakness is in the Art Dept, so my strategy is to maximize the reuse of assets with modular and procedural entity construction. Keep churning them out.

Wow, thank you for the kind words. Yes I do try to make reusable and modular static assets where possible, the idea for the quick fire games is to learn and ensure I have the skills for the big time, with a large focus on Unreal Engine, and less on how pretty everything can be (for now), my next game will be a learner driving game, busy fleshing out the AI at the moment, also for mobile and PC, using spline components, which are proving a challenge, which is good… in any event I plan to make a proper large scale RPG multiplayer from next year that will involve part time artists, modelers and animators to port the Drescalus Unity world to Unreal, and finally give it life…
I wish you all the best in your project, it sounds like it could be awesome!

Fantastic work alwynd! I am going to have to give this a try later on in the day. Keep up the great work and I am excited to see what your next project will be. Have a great day!

THANK YOU EVERYBODY FOR YOUR SUPPORT. FishGibble has been greenlit! I am now planning to revamp and basically rewrite the game (hopefully not alone again) in the next few months, as it was written and published in the first official release of UE4.