Fisherbros - Platforming and pulling youself around the map using a fishing rod.

Hey all,

Been prototyping this game with a friend for a few months.

You play as a fisherman with a fishing rod that you use to attach to things in the world to do platforming and puzzles.

Its weird for sure, but the gameplay is seeming pretty unique and fun, so I’d like to share it with you all.

If anyone is interested the rod/line in game is modelled using a feature in PhysX called articulations. Articulations are used because they are more robust than normal rigid body chains, though at some performance cost. As an aside, articulations are not directly exposed to UE4 but we found a way to use them directly in the PhysX scene. So, if anyone is interested in the tech behind this I’d be happy to talk about it.

This is a pretty cool concept! I love the idea! I look forward to seeing more.

This looks like fun! Haven’t seen this kind of an approach to platforming or manoeuvring in the environment before. With great visuals and great story, I think this could be something quite great :smiley:

Thanks for the kind words guys.

I love the idea and I love fishing rods, I subscribe for sure!

How did you expose articulations? You just have a component access the scene with


and add them there or what?

@Hethger Yes that’s right. We made our custom component for the fishing line, then in there we get the scene like you described, and finally make the appropriate PhysX calls to construct an articulated rope out of a series of articulation bodies and articulation links.