"Fish Game" initial performance test - UE5

A game idea I started to develop.
Initial performance test.
UE5 Nanite, Lumen, millions of polys already…static meshes only at the moment.


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Hey @nfuchs,

This is so unbelievably adorable. What are your future plans for this project? Ocean exploration? Simple fish-sim?

Can’t wait to hear your thoughts! Sending lots of support, keep up the great work. :slight_smile:

Hi @PresumptivePanda !

Yes, the initial idea is to explore, survive, interact with all sorts of everything…:slight_smile:
So I’m poking UE5 to see what and how I could implement.
Thank you! :slight_smile:

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New video soon(er or later but will come).


WOW! This is quite the update from the initial video you posted; I think a fish simulator is exactly what the growing genre of simulator games needs. I’m excited to see how this project evolves throughout the year; Happy New Year, by the way! :tada:

Me too, thanks! :slight_smile: Happy new year! :partying_face:

An update.

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Wow, what a huge upgrade from your last post! Could the sneaky fish chilling in the back be plans for other fish to be floating around or another playable option? :tropical_fish:

Keep up the great work friend, can’t wait to see what this becomes!

Sure, the place needs more life so lots of fish needed. :slight_smile:

I know your game is still in the early stages of development, but I wanted to ask how in-depth or accurate to life the game-play will be? Will we be able to choose different fish to explore/survive as? Or perhaps it will be a by progress sort of system where we become a bigger variety of fish as we level up!

First it is just testing one fish gameplay…trying to implement all I have in mind as best I can. This alone is a huge task. :wink:


I completely understand; take your time! Also, thank you again for sharing your progress here in the UE forums! I eagerly await to see how “Fish Game” evolves throughout the year. :grin: