FirstPersonCharacter with ThirdPersonAnimBP problem in AnimBP Event Graph

Hello, all.

I have a question for you guys who are good with the Animation blueprint. I am not, I have almost zero experience with it, so if you guys can help, I would be grateful

The FirstPersonCharacter for my game has a ThirdPersonAnimBP. This was done because it was simply the easiest to do. It might’ve been stupid in hindsight, but I don’t know that for sure yet.

OK, so I’ve followed a tutorial about ledge climbing and in the AnimBP event graph for the character, the tutor used a Cast To Third Person Character node. Since my game is in first person, I used the Cast To First Person Character node.

And I got to the point where the tutor drags 4 boolean variables from his Cast to ThirdPersonCharacter → As Third Person Character. I’ve tried it myself, but it did not show the booleans with the Target on the left side of the variable, it just shows them like regular booleans. Please see picture below.

On the left, you see the regular booleans connected to the Set nodes and slightly to the right and a bit upwards you see the booleans with the Target node, all disconnected. The latter booleans I was able to get them from the Cast to Third Person Character. But they do not connect to the Cast to First Person Character.

Does anyone have an answer as to how I can connect those booleans to the As First Person Character in the Cast to First Person Character node? I tried with get anim instance and get anim class, but it didn’t work at all. Is there even a solution or should I just re-make the FirstPersonAnimBP? Or should I rename the TPAnimBP to FPAnimBP?

Thank you in advance