FirstPersonCharacter C is missing

Hi, I recently made, with the help of Mosel3y, a blueprint to manage the first person animation.
Now I’ve a new problem:

The point is, I’ve to specify the FirstPersonCharacter C, I even don’t know what is it and how to create it!

Some help?

“_C” stands to class; in this case the FirstPersonCharacter blueprint you had in project, but maybe deleted. Or you’ve imported this axe blueprint which makes use of the FPCharacter blueprint, but you don’t have it in your project content folder.

Sorry, I probably didn’t explain that right. You don’t have to use FirstPersonCharacter, you cast to whatever your pawn is.

So in your pawn you put the active weapon enum, and you cast to that pawn in your anim blueprint.

However, I notice this anim blueprint is for a weapon, not your pawn? Do you have a animation blueprint for your pawn, or how are you currently handling animation?

The way I had described would be used if, you have one animation blueprint for your pawn’s arms, so if you attack with a knife, or if you attack with a sword, the arms will do the correct animation, because you’d have an enum in your pawn that is set to Knife when using a knife, and sword when using a sword. I think how you are doing it is you have separate animation blueprints for each weapon that also includes the arms?

I’m not creating an animation blueprint for each Weapon, I created this enum, as you saied in the previuos thread, so I can managing everything from only one animation blueprint.
There are more class of weapon, I will create an animation blueprint for each class (one to managing the animation of all melee weapons, an other one for guns, another one for shotguns etc. etc.).

About “I probably didn’t explain that right”. don’t worry. I’m a few retarded to understand english; maybe I didn’t understood before.

I used UE4 FirstPersonPlayer class, and I can guarantee it is present in blueprints.Also I checked new project, there’s nothing I deleted in mine.

Anyway, I realized, that the editor wants a player prefab presents in the scene, nobody tell me it, anyway.
Now If I drag off the FirstPersonCharacter, the windows becomes green, then my prefab is supported, but if I release the window, the option None remain.
I don’t know how to resolve.

Ok, I solved, now the problem is another.
The blend pose’s numers of slot, Is One, the enum seems not changing it.

If you right click on BlendPoses(ActiveWeapon), you will have the option of adding inputs for the different elements in your enum:

i’ve added sword, rifle, and pistol just as example. it will be whatever names you have used in your enum.
You then plug the different animations for the different weapons, into the slots

Thanks so much!