FirstPerson Projectile Blueprint missing when adding FirstPerson content to project

When I click on Add New -> Add Features or Content Pack -> First Person (in Blueprint Features) and Add to Project
I get the FirstPersonBP files that I expect and can play it and shoot etc, I even can see that a projectile is hitting the cubes as they move but I can’t see any projectiles.
When I check my blueprints folder I am missing the FirstPersonProjectile blueprint

Is this a known issue?

Have I done something wrong?

How can I fix this?

For some reason there are two FPS templates.
The one you describe is a raytrace fire, which is like a handgun in video games.
However, if you start a new FPS project, you get a projectile based file, like a grenade launcher in games.

It’s a weird thing, and would be nice if you could pick one.

Thanks Kin