first unreal project

Hi all,
I am looking for some constructive criticism on my first unreal project. Still working my way through things but running into some issues.

This was a scene I original did in 3ds max with vray and decided to use it as my learning project for unreal.

Below are screen grabs from the latest build.

One of the issues is some the doors are completely black, I think that’s due to not having any light uvs? I have to go back and check that. Could it be something else?

I also could not figure out how to flip the animated movie in the TV screen. If you look closely the words are flipped in the shot. I don’t know how to flip the map in the shader.

The biggest thing I am struggling with is the camera FOV. How do I control that better? Right now when I move around the space in the view-port the FOV is way to big.

The other thing I would love to do is produce a animation ( I am looking into the Sequencer now ) and export it. Any suggestions on the fps that I should be using?

Once I have the animation done I want to package it up and put it on the web to allow my client to watch the animation that I produced then when its over interactively walk through the space. Would I do that by using the package HTML5?

Thanks for time everyone,

I can’t see the picture.Too small

looks great :smiley:

hey… you can see full version by right clicking and choosing open new tab…

by the way i like your first trial.

great keep it up :slight_smile:


Looks great! Have you considered presenting it in VR?
I recently made VR tours of many of my designs

Example here

For the doors, make sure that there are lightmaps generated in 3DS Max in the 2nd UV channel. To flip the image, set the coordinates (the node in the material editor is “texture coord”) to -1,1. Change the FOV by creating a camera actor and altering the “field of view” option in that. Export video at 30FPS. To package, I would just package it as an exe for their platform and send that.

Looks fantastic!

Thanks. No I havent really. I have been doing that in 3ds max and vray…here is an example or

What software do you use for UE?

Thanks appreciate it