First Unreal Archviz with a holographic twist.

Hello People,

Considering realtime stuff is becoming the new thing thanks to Epic, I decided to learn how to do it. Here is my first experiment, hope you like it:

And here are some Unreal 4 viewport screens:


Nice. I like it. Good job. 8-}

I like the holographic twist as you called it. Would be very cool of you make them interactive, like a ‘more info’ trigger or something :slight_smile:

Very cool visualization. I liked the augmented reality style to it.

Thanks, guys. Definately will do it more interactive in the future. Would love to introduce some cool distortion to the appearance of the hologram effect, instead of just fading in and out. Problem is that I have no idea how to do that for now.

Matrix style “scan-line” where the realistic materials animate to a matrix-style material would be interesting :slight_smile:

That’s really nice work. The general clutter and detail is outstanding. The lighting is also very believable. Are the majority of your objects light mapped or is the bulk of the small objects set to moveable?

Everything is lightmapped at pretty high resolution for most objects. I wanted dynamic shadows from the trees, but considering this was done mainly for Oculus, I had to disable that feature, due to the insane judder it creates when viewed with VR. Also, I have 4 planes under an angle outside the windows, emitting light for that extra brightness inside the apartment. Another thing, which helps the realism is my lack of will to optimize much. The whole scene is 1.5m polys, but runs well even on a laptop with a 6 series GeForce. On my 780 GTX its getting between 70-100fps.

Side note: Cannot wait for dynamic GI one day!

Amazing work , congratulations . I’ve been using this software for a month , can you explain me how you record a walk in the video? Have you recorded just the screen or is there a function in EU4 ?

Thanks, man.

I used a program called Fraps. You can do it with Matinee as well, but it doesn’t always work well. Fraps will give you 60fps, which is more than enough for presentation purposes.

thank you very much man