First Unreal Arch Project

Hey ,
First off great work to everyone here , learnt a lot from this forum!
Here is my first go with unreal 4 , hope you like it .
It is still WIP , hoping to polish it up this week.
Comments and crits are always welcome!

Good job for the first one! I think there’s too much AO and the lighting could be better too.

Nice job! If you’re going to make little scenes- which are great, I would recommend making the size of the room proportional to the amount of furniture you have. There’s a lot of empty space on the left side of the room, and the whole scene could have been a little nicer if you condensed everything down to that one living area. Otherwise, nice work.

Hey , thanks ,
I will tone down the AO ,
for lighting all I have is a skylight plus sunlight , any recommendations?

Hey , thanks for the comments , the room will be filled up more still wip but ill focus on filling everything up!