First UE4 Vignette - Runoff

In the work in progress forums I had a thread running on my first UE4 project. Well I think it is done, a visual scene based off an older UT2k4 map I made.

Here is the original:

And here is the same scene re imagined in UE4

I also made a small video showcasing the making of from initial concept to final design.

comments and feedback welcomed. I am still learning UE4, most of it is similar to UE3 but still plenty of differences too! :slight_smile:

Great Job man! love it!

So purdy! Love what you have done with it.

looks awesome! @JustinSA so great to see a fellow South African other then myself also working with Unreal Engine 4 xD I thought I was like the only 1 haha!

That looks pretty **** cool!

Dude that’s sick! Love the way you did the lighting and reflections.

Hm like the way you set it up too. Those weren’t ALL BSP blocks, were they?

Oh no, I swapped out all the BSP with mesh only used it as a frame to get started.

I am very new to the all this, of course like many, but I love UE’s new model and I just happen I guess to be around close to the start. So I mean no offense.

I have 1 major question which is below, but many observations before and follow ups; first being the logical flow and layout seems very confusing; an escalator, but a grate that allows legs to fall through (would love a broken glass look for the floor right there, to allow imagination at least or something else); it’s called runoff but there are trashcans; there are pictures on the wall; there are so many inconsistencies.

Please don’t get me wrong, it looks beautiful. I just think it’s (in a harsh sense) like if I were to paint a head on a pike behind the Mona Lisa and expect the same results. It looks nice, but that’s not the point.

My question is why change it dramatically so much from the start? I thought the first one made more sense. No windows, no horrible engineering (pipes). Etc.

I think it would look amazing even more if you made the grate something else, made the windows an exit with light and w/e outside blurred for imagination (a car and light pole) and called it “Run off” still.

P.S. I hope I didn’t come off rude, I see somethings and can’t help but think and help when people ask for it. I meant no offense to your work.

Edit: I to got thinking about it even more, the exit (I described above) should be the structure that allows light in, but with lock glass doors farther out kind of like a 10x 20 meter area foyer, if that was mean to be an dead end in a game or something; which through glass allows the light and more depth to the room from the outside.

Not rude at all… :slight_smile:

Been making games for almost nine years… gotten used to all levels of comments I take it all as constructive remarks.

All valid points… I just did quick vignette using the few assets found the in the reflections demo. Perhaps keeping the same name and referencing the original map does have some initial connotations of what to expect. In fact the original 2k4 map had a lot of running water, the refection demo asset list had no such thing. They have puddles and dripping water which I used… the grating spacing is unrealistic for sure, if it were a playable map I would have fixed the spacing but did not for the visual scene…

Anyways thanks for the valid points… :slight_smile: