First try of any type of modding, stuck

So I figured I wanted to try some simple modding out.

I have learnt the basics from a few old youtube videos, I can adjust and find what I need but when I learn the engram it doesn’t show up in my inventory craftables regardless of selecting no requirement etc, I changed the craft in fab to PrimalInvetoryComponant and the static one, both didn’t work… I assumed this was to make it show up as a craftable in my inventory.

So I just deleted the fab requirement before this thinking it would default to my inventory crafts, no. So I revert it back to default craft in fab… yet once I learn engram, i place fab… it’s not in there. I’m really new to this so I’m getting confused, anyone offer some help? Pictures below shows you my changes applied and work in the map/world setting or whatever it is.

I’ve figured out my stupid error. In the engram blueprint, “Give blueprint to player inventory” was unchecked, checking this fixed my issue.

Making my slightly noobish mod work a bit more, i just want insulated riot gear… snow is harsh yanno :stuck_out_tongue:

So it works!