First trace sends object moving ( similar= applying physics handle sends surrounding objects flying)

I have my character BP set up so it can push and pull objects. I have an almost identical setup to this tutorial here.

  1. when I send out the first trace to detect physics objects, it sends the object moving.
  2. all subsequent traces work as expected and do not move the box.
  3. when I trace (T key for testing) and hold down the move key (A or D) I can push and pull the box. The box moves relative to the actor.

Any ideas why the first trace would cause the box to move.
Notes: I am constraining the box on the Y axis. Also note this is a side scroller and not 3rd person.

Here is my current setup. Maybe someone can see something obvious I am doing incorrectly? This has me baffled.
Image 2
Image 3