First time Unreal renders

Hello, my name is Matthew, I am a VFX artist from Montreal. I’ve been doing VFX, mostly in movies for the past 15 years, supervising most of those. I work for a well known VFX company and am getting extremely interested in Unreal and how we can use it in film. I’ve been playing around with the engine for a few weeks, enough to get me excited about what’s going on in real time graphics! So much so that I decided to finally make a short film I have been wanting to produce for about 10 years :).

Anyway, here are some screen grabs of my first character work in progress, hope you enjoy. I am currently done rigging and am ready to animate and do shot work with her. I have 2 other characters to do and a few environments, so I have a ways to go, but I’m happy with the progress.

Unfortunately, I’m hitting some road blocks that are stopping me from actually doing all this work in Unreal, maybe there are some devs listening that would be willing to chat? More specifically, for this to work I need way better alembic integration, currently the lack of motion blur, and no read from disk functionality is stopping me from actually doing my project in Unreal and I might have to look into other packages, but that’s not my preference. Actually, If you guys are looking for a beta tester for alembic integration and film production, I’m ready and willing to help push things in Unreal for the VFX industry. I’m pretty technical, so I think I could help. Anyway, that would be amazing. I’ll post some of the issues I have been encountering soon, maybe someone can enlighten me on best practices?

Anyway, I’m glad to be joining the Unreal community, you guys rock and I’m completely fascinated by what’s possible in engine. Enough chit chat, on to the images!