First Time Submission Price

Hello Everyone. I have recently made my first submission on the marketplace. Its a small medieval environment.

However, I can’t seem to decide on a charging price yet. I had initially set it at 15 USD, now I recently increased it to 20 USD.

What would be an ideal charge for a small medieval environment with 12 assets?

This is my submission:

There is no ideal and there is no one who can answer questions of this sort. Since there are no clearly defined tiers of quality and/or “size of a product’s content”, this is a question without answer.

One thing everyone will agree on, though: no matter the price, people will complain about it.

Thanks for your answer. I have had a few sales so I am quite excited. lol. Anyways, I will see how it goes. :slight_smile:

Use the same method realtors use to price a house you want to sell. Search the marketplace for comparable items and look at their prices. With houses, you find the average selling price per square foot of comparable houses, and compute your house price from that. Here, you’d have to invent new metrics: number of assets, some kind of quality estimate, etc.

I think you have to set a base price and see how it goes. If the initial sales aren’t to your liking, drop the price. If the sales are way high, increase the price. Inherently, be flexible and see how the market is responding to your product and respond back in turn.