First time starting up editor, failed terrain :)

HI there,

:// , is what I’m seeing right now, and I have no idea how to zoom far enough OUT to get ‘outside’ the terrain, or if I just got a really bad import. I chose to let editor decide on size as I recall, so maybe this was my first mistake…


Is there a way to zoom out faster than scrollwheel…I imported my raw heightmap,but I seem to be somwhere near its center and I can see portions of exterior but thats it…either Igot a realy bad import or I just need the command to zoom way out so I can try to use play to test it out ;))

One other odd thing, and maybe this explains the odd terrain look, I can’t seem to select entire import ( mesh?), as when I click on what seem to be parts of terrain, I’m able to also select other parts of it.

Thx anyone :wink:


Go to the little camera at the top right of the viewport and set the value to 8. Now you can zoom out with the ASDW keys (like in a flying game :))