First Time Sound Play = Delayed?

Hey Guys,
i don´t know why but when i start my game, EVERY Sound Effect, when it plays for the FIRST time, it plays with a delay of a few Mili Seconds. For example my Players Jump Sound: First Time Jumping = Delay. After that there is no longer a delay.

Can someone help me out?


What engine version are you using?

I´m using UE5.

Thank you!

Ah interesting - how are you measuring the delay out of interest?

I haven’t noticed this myself on UE5. Maybe doe thing to do with buffer or streaming settings, or even a hardware interface issue.

Sorry can’t be more useful!

I’m experiencing the same issue, I believe it’s due to the engine loading the sound into memory the first time, and then playing that straight off subsequentially.

So I’d like to make all the needed sound effects preloaded, I tried using prime on load, but to no avail.

I haven’t measured it, but it’s significant enough to easily tell just by ear.

Very strange, never come across it - is this UE5, and if so, using a Metasound Source?