First time iOS dev... need some guidance for Game Center, Cloud Kit

Hi everyone,
I’m a first time iOS dev working with a small team and I’m having a tough time understanding how to get our project setup to use Game Center and cloud saving.

I’ve got a “Show External Login UI” node and an “Is Logged In” node which seem to be working (currently I’m printing “Login Success”, “Login Failed” and “Already Logged in” to the screen), however the actual Game Center UI elements never pop up. I will see “Login Success” the first time the app is run, and “Already Logged In” if I load another map and then return to my initial “title” screen, so it seems like something is happening there.

Is there some step that I’m missing? Does the game need to be registered in some way with Apple in order to function with Game Center? I’m having a hard time finding resources to get this going.


In brief you need to get your app on iTunes Connect to mess with all the Game Center features such as in App Purchases, leader boards and achievements , I’ve not messed with icould saving at all, you have to define entitlements etc. for that. once on iTunes Connect you can use Test Flight to push your app to your testers, Once installed through Test Flight it seems to work fine using locally installed version launched from Editor with the same packaging / build info certs etc