First Time Building Unreal Engine 5.1 from Source Code with Visual Studio 2022

Hi all,

I am in need of assistance, I followed the unreal documentation for building the unreal engine editor from source code for version 5.1 for use in microsoft visual studio.

The build took over an hour to complete, and I am not sure if it finished or not as I cannot locate the engine .exe file.

Did I correctly build the engine from source code? Any tips or pointers that you can provide as to the process and how to open the editor I have built from the source code?

Also, what is the process for making customized C++ code edits in the source code and implementing them into an unreal project?

I know there may be documentation pointing to this but the search engines I use have been garbage lately. If you could point me in the right direction I would greatly appreciate it and it will help the community overall in the future.

Thank you

so you did these? download source (guess you want 5.1.1 latest release unless you want other branch)
after download run setup.bat, that takes time. probably around 20gb to download files, then run generateprojectfiles.bat, then open solution in VS and build. You might need to build whole solution and not just UE5