First time building a game.Need Help!

Hello.This is my first time ever making a game.I have no experience and i am starting from 0.First time even opening an engine.I made some progress.Textures,props,lighting,first person camera(map was third person but changed it),Interactive door and key,but i have 1 problem now.My interact is not in the right place.When i click interact it is interacting in the wrong place.On top of the screen,but i want it to be middle.Please help.Hope you get what i mean.

Hi Sabutia,

I do not get what you mean! :thinking:

If you’re using a first-person set up you’re probably using a ‘Line Trace By Channel’ for interactions? (Or maybe some sort of overlap system…)

For the line-trace change ‘Draw Debug Type’ to “Persistent” to see if it is tracing as expected.

If using collisions, you can visualize these with the ‘Show’ button in the 3d viewport (Show → Collision)

Welcome to the Forums, don’t be afraid to post any images/videos of your BPs or the problem!

Thanks for commenting.I fixed the problem already.Will post if i have any new problems.

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