First / third person toggle

Really having trouble, extremely new to blueprints. I’m using the 3rd person template and trying to make a key to switch between first and third. I managed to use blend to make it go to first person but it is center mass and I can’t aggust it because its just attaching to controller. I tried using two different cameras and making it switch cameras when I pressed Q but it didn’t work either?

What am I doing wrong here lol, It seems like a simple enough task. Switch from one camera view to another.

Got the answer for anyone else having the same problem:

for a basic camera toggle, use the arm length with a branch if arm length = 0 set arm length 400 false set it 0. Then you have to deal with the mouse settings you want or not and the mesh which will be troubling at first person if you use only one mesh.

You might want to check out this:

If you start with an FPS template, you’ll notice something - there’s two meshes. It’s common to actually have two completely different skeletal meshes, each with their own animations, when doing first person, or switchable first/third controller. I’m not sure why the FPS tutorial doesn’t have a proxy in the TP mesh slot. Basically, one mesh is visible to you in FP mode, and another is used for casting shadows and reflections, for other players, and when you’re in third person mode. Typically the FP mesh has no head, and often no body (depends on whether you need/want them to see legs/torso when they look down), and the animations are designed so the idle and movement motions are less drastic - with the camera so close, you don’t need/want them to move as much, and typically also designed in such a way that at least part of the hands/weapon are visible at all times to give the player feedback (even though, in real life, for example, you rarely see your hands in you FOV while running or walking with a weapon that you’re not actively aiming)

Although it’s C++, you can actually see a bit of how this is done in the ShooterGame template if you look at the player pawn BP. Most of the logic is in a parent C++ class, but in the components tab, you can see the two meshes being used.

Hope that helps. i’ve been thinking about doing a tutorial on this, actually. Might try and find some time to actually write it.

Already seen that but thanks for the detailed answer, I decided to change my approach and go for a third person view and then over the shoulder type zoom in mode, I just can’t figure out how to switch between camera like I create extra ones in components but when i try and set that via a key bindings nothing happens. I have an extremely limited knowledge of blueprints, yesterday I knew nothing but I can tell my knowledge is increasing.

Main problem:
Unable to toggle between my different cameras, I get nothing when I press my key binding.

What I’m actually trying to do is change camera angle like a player is zooming over the shoulders, this is my changing walk speed module which the camera change is suppose to be attached to:


I managed to attach it to the mesh but thats not what I want, I need it to be over the shoulder. Am i missing something stupidly obvious?

Here is a quick set up, the set relative location is if you use one camera without camera boom, the second one is a camera with the camera boom, both are working. Only thing needed is locking mouse mouvement in first view to not see in the character. If you want a sliding effect you can use a timeline to move but you have to be sure to not slide in the mesh. You’ll have to adjust values for your own camera location.

Set relative location, I knew it was something simple! Thank you so much man really helped me out!

Happy that helped you ^^

One more quick thing, Do you know why the run animation in the default third person is the default? Like when I aim in it seems to do the walking animation is this controlled by the walk speed and where do i find the values to change it? So i only want it to run above 1000 speed and walk below that

This has to do with the anim blueprint. You have to modify your blendspace to the settings you want. Basically, add a second “walk” then you’ll have from 0 to first walk immobile to walk from first walk to second walk, walk without speed consideration and after walk to run. Set the speeds you want and it would be ok. (or just higher the limits of walk and speed if it goes fine for your desire.)

to prevent the skin from showing in front of the camera just increase the x location. I used 360 and seemed ok.

Hi all i know this is an older post but i am starting on first/third camera system and would like to use the scroll mouse. Can anyone explain how this could be done thanks

Well, tried this but it didn’t work as I wanted I want it to snap from FPS to the 3rd person view. I tried this

it gives me results like want. But instead of having only two views one for each camera. I get three views and one of them is partially in the players head partially. Any help on how to remove this third whatever it is Like i said I have a fps camera and a 3rd person but need help getting rid of this weird third.

I use one camera which has a small collision sphere on it. I then adjust spring arm length with my toggle to go 3rd and first person.

I use the collision sphere to on overlap of mesh turn off own player see on the 3rd person mesh and turn own own player see for first person mesh. And end overlap to do the opposite.

Sorry, I am still pretty new to UE4 is there any tutorials for how to do this.:smiley:

Like I said my first person view and my third person view is great just the way I want it but when I transition between them I get the inside the head view like in the image.

9 minutes in is a good example

here’s a good tutorial, I did not make it, but found it useful

I had some ideas why that’s happening with u. It’s a bad karma, lul >__< okay, it’s because your Flip Flop does not turn off another Camera. Well. If you have two fridges, but you feed only from one at the time – you need to make four actions in one iteration that uses both of them, “Close 1st, Open 2nd”, and then “Close 2nd, Open 1st”. You also need to do that in a correct sequence, cause otherwise you’d have to waste time untill both fridges are closed, or get lost in hesitations cause both are open. That’s what happening with you. ME FIXED)) Or at least I hope I did. I was good with programming once, but these nodes… Hope that will help)

I have made a very simple toggle, much easier than the above. Please ensure your two cameras are set up as I have mine (in attached pic)

and then copy/paste the blueprint link:

your end result should look like this

This worked for me pretty good, not perfect though. Will still need animations for walking backwards, and strafe.