First Room in Unreal Engine 4.11

Hello All,

This is my first Room Rendered on Unreal Engine 100%.

Now i’m working on a Modern House, but Light Building time is too long, when i get it i will share with you!


I really like the color pallete of your scene. Looks clean and crisp.
Maybe give some attention to the light level in the back of your room.
On the first 3 images it might be a bit too dark ‘AO-ish’.
Great little project!

I also love the user of color. It isn’t very often that people put as much thought into the color of a room - very nice. I also agree that the AO is a bit too high. Try bumping up the radius even further to smooth it out. What would the room look like with the lights on?

I will try to set a night render with Unreal Engine with light on.
I’ll share it when i get it!
Thanks for coments!!