(First REAL project... I hope) Slender man, the eight pages. (Forest game remake) Unreal Engine 4

These are just pre-alpha gameplay footage. :b Was showing this to a friend on Facebook, then I decided to show it to the unreal community as well. It’s very basic work, but I’m somewhat proud of it. I used what knowledge I collected from using blueprints (not much) and did some searches for some things I was stuck on, and finally came up with this within 2-3 days. It’s not bad, but it’s not great either. I still have to figure out how the terrain painter works so I can start adding dirt trails and what not.

(Video 1)

(Video 2)

Cool :wink:

But just a tip:
Finish the gameplay stuff (Slenderman, Death, Gameover, Victory, …) first before you work on visual stuff like head wobbling