First Real Project - Comments/Critiques?

Hey everyone, after a long, long battle trying to learn 3ds, Substance, UE4 I finally have a little something to show for all the work.

Any tips to make them look more realistic? they still look very CG to me. Also, what do I look for when correcting colors? I made a custom LUT but I was just messing around in photoshop until it looked decent.

Thanks everyone for putting up with all the dumb questions from me over the last few months!

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The modelling is good, lighting seems good but the materials are too flat. That’s why it appears to cg-like. I don’t see any reflections at all!!!

-Each material should have at least a roughness map. Every material in the world has some sort of reflections, even a tiny amount.
-You can add normal maps too to break the flatness
-Usually adding wear and tear, dust, scratches will contribute to add realism too!

Keep it up!

Thanks for the reply heartlessphil, I Knew something was missing but I couldn’t put my finger on it. I was trying to be too subtle with my normal maps and reflections. Back to learning light theory!

You made great progress! Agreed materials are a key item, also make sure everything is in scale! I can’t tell you how many visualizations I’ve seen where the scale is off and kills the realism. Have a look at Arroway Textures to see what good materials look like.

Thanks RI3DVIZ! texturing is definitely what I’ve focused the least amount of time on so far. I Need to find a good reflective balance on my materials, they all end up looking far too matte or shiny and wet.

Unfortunately the reflective parameters are limited in UE4 materials compared to other softwares but people are making it work.