First Project lighting UE4

Hello guy!, this is my first Project lighting UE4…

open umbrella :slight_smile:

Not koola level, but its really nice anyway.

I think the glare/lens flare is too much. Tone it down a bit and it’ll be a lot less distracting. Looks nice otherwise!

Thanks for the feedback.Now I am working the lighting.

Welcome to the community (although I’m also fairly new :D)!

Your scene looks pretty nice. I like the urban and natural mix in it. Some suggestions:

  • Like Wilkes said, turn down the glare/lens flare a bit
  • You could use something like Matinee to animate your camera movements. This way you can create curves and so on which makes for a much nicer video
  • The placement of the trees at 00:42-00:44 looks very “symmetric/clean” and unnatural. I think if you randomize it a bit more it’d look better

Really nice :smiley:





Unreal Engine 4 Distance Field Ambient Occlusion and Global Ilumination in Real Time.
Inspired in the art of Koola…

Thanks for your feedbacks

Open Umbrella!!! :wink:

Really like the rock shot, but the recent leaf scenes appear a bit to bright.