First Project in UE4

Hey, Unreal Community.

I had a project this term for university to create an environment.
Being the type of guy I am i ignored the brief till the last 48 hours (Dont suggest anyone to do this)

So all the screenshots are created with 100% custom assets and textures within a 48 Hour timeframe.

Hope its good enough!
These are the first of my work that has gone away from Uni/Friends.
Some materials needed the spec stats changed but didn’t have enough time.
Tried to put the pictures on the forum but the picture size was a bit big.


It says the imgur album isn’t publicly available.

Sorry fixed!
New to imgur too!

Where are the shadows? Everything looks promising but no shadows is killing the whole thing. :\

Also you can use the lasso tool and get rid of the foliage beneath the house.

The lighting on the fences and main hall was for some reason buggy with the lighting in Unreal Engine, However V-ray etc it was fine.
So removed the lighting on those objects for ‘speediness’

Thanks for the help with the grass, Was lazy to click it all 1 by 1.

For a first project in UE4, I would say that this scene is very well done. Just a couple of little things here and there, but overall, it looks great. Keep up the great work and hope to see how future project turn out in UE4!

Thanks and have a great day!

I’m in agreement with the earlier comments - looks great for a first scene :slight_smile: Though it feels a little flat to me, maybe for future scenes, add some split levels and so on. Otherwise, looks very nice indeed. Look forward to seeing your future work :slight_smile: