First Programming QuickStart try and unexpected (?) results

Going through the Programming QuickStart

and I’m using OSX 10.10.5.
and XCode Version 7.0 (7A220)
and UE4.9.1

When I create the class, and add the code in XCode, I compile.

I get a bunch of warnings - should I care?

They are;

In the QuickStart.xcodeproj:
! Update to recommended settings:
1 Target ‘UE4CmdLineRun’ - Adopt “Product Bundle Identifier” build setting
2 Target ‘UE4Game - iOS’ - Adopt “Product Bundle Identifier” build setting
3 Target ‘QuickStart - iOS’ - Adopt “Product Bundle Identifier” build setting
these three want to change the Info.plist CFBundleIdentifier key for each
4 Project ‘QuickStart’ - Turn on “Build Active Architecture Only” when Debugging
5 Project ‘QuickStart’ - Turn on “Enable Testability” when Debugging

Warning: --resource-rules has been deprecated in Mac OS X >= 10.10!
and others like that

Then, looking at the project document itself, XCode says it’s using XCode 3.2-compatible settings.

I have a bunch of questions, but mostly it’s about; what the heck is going on? I just installed everything and thought this UE4 thing was tested? Probably… so what am I doing wrong? I got as far as step 3.3 in the tutorial.

  1. Can I accept the ‘Recommended settings’?
  2. Can I fix the obsolete resource rules setting?
  3. Can I change the project document format to something later than XCode 3.2?

Any guidance on this is well appreciated!

Ping… Please - anyone? Didn’t anyone else see these same results?

Hello Dev Fingers,

Support for XCode 7 was actually just added in our newest release build, 4.9.2. Can you give that a try and see if you receive these same warnings?

Just updating now - will let you know.

All looks good so far! Thanks, you Epic dudes.

Well, there are still warnings… XCode asked me if it should update about 6 build settings, so I did. I’ll let you know if it prevents me from going further.

Also, I had to change the launch device to be my Mac->My Mac, and not my iOS->iPhone.

EDIT} So far, I see that if you accept the XCode warnings, all objects lose their shape and lighting. Not even a wire mesh is left after compiling in XCode 7 and returning to UE4, if you accept the update of all build warnings. That was my first pass. My first pass did not include a build in UE4 first prior to adding code in XCode and accepting the build setting changes. My second pass, created a new project, built and ran it completely before adding code in XCode - and didn’t accept build changes. Of course now, I need to try a few more variations before I can say to never accept build setting changes…or that UE needs to fix that. I say they they should be fixed as I think that NOT accepting the build settings will affect how the product is distributed, and will be done with the incorrect names