First Post!

Ive just seen that Epic have realeased Robo Recall along with a modding kit for UE4 so I thought I’d give it a try and see what its like. The game looks amazing from what ive seen and its main web page is pretty impressive too. Great job by those Epic guys n gals lol. Anyways be very cool to have a play on the actual game once I get revive to work properly!

Looking forward to seeing what the VR modders will get up to…

Welcome! The game itself is amazing! With the way mods are today I can only imagine all the cool things that will be brought into this amazing game. Cannot wait! Take care!

RR is already a bloody great game, but I’m excited to see what mods people make, already got some ideas of my own :smiley:

Edit: I’m also down to clown, and have a bit of graphics/UE4/modding/mapping experience.

Howdy friend.

ReVive works pretty great with latest update, little hiccup with camera setup detection where the game thinks you only have front facing setup, but it’s been working well so far.

Modding’s going to be a little difficult on the Vive it looks like, as the SteamVR plugin was disabled in this editor. Maybe we can rebuild it with the plugin from 4.13 or something, but for now, any mods need to be built, and installed to test with ReVive.

Welcome everyone! :cool:

if any of you modders add locomotion with rotation I am willing to be a tester :wink:

I got stuck when trying to load the steamvr plugin. Got a build version error on the plugin. Was it as simple as changing the value for build on the steamvr plugin files?

Hey there, let’s keep this subforum focused on teaming up and take other conversation up other places if we can


Also first post I think?

Hey everyone!

yeah i’m going to be trying to do some kind of total conversion mod for RR, mostly as a showcase of my art and music/sfx skills. I make weird scifi electronic music mainly

Hello all. I’ve just started poking around the Robo Recall modding kit . Looks really cool some amazing stuff in there! Can’t wait to see what people make.

Hello everyone! I’m about to jump-in into this awesomeness and figure out what’s good i could achieve here! I would like to brainstorm with you guys to generate ideas and check what would be great to make.

welcome to the forum and rock the RR modding community!