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Hello Forum
Is it possible to turn lights on and off without trigger volume.
Have tried with only (red ring BP), but nothing happens.
Also tried to flip flop and more ridiculous nonsense that is too embarrassing to show off :slight_smile:

Only thing I want is to be able to tap T and the light goes on.

If the light is attached to your Player Character then just toggling visibility should work fine as such.


Thanks for your reply DevilsD.
It is unfortunately not attached to my Player Character, it is a downlight in a building.

These tutorials should help you:

I have taken the tutorial, but still manages not to get it to work without a trigger box.
Has kept on for hours with this little bit, and I have a whole house to be illuminated:D

You would use the same code … replace the trigger event with your key event … if you have a controller the key event needs to be in there and call an event on your player … if you have no controller then just use the event in the player.

It would be the same code, just not using the Box Trigger.

I really have a long way to go:p
Thanks for all your help.

No problem man … glad you came right. Good luck with your project and we are always here to help. 8-}

My solution


Cool … you don’t really need the “Event Begin Play” in that one. You have also not wired anything up to “Disable Input” … so you can remove the block as well.

If “Event Begin Play” is not connected then nothing happens,and thanks for the clean up.