First post- iimporting a mesh

Hello all. I’ve been a lurker around here for a while, making little conceptual things with the intro pack assets.
However, how I want to import my own mesh, so I created a motor in AutoDesk Inventor.

how would I go about exporting that and importing this to UE4 (Ver. 4.8.3)? Thanks in advance-

Look into Inventor’s docs to see how you export meshes from that.

Docs on how to import static meshes into Unreal4:


  1. export everything -> the mesh as fbx or obj and the textures as png/jpg/tga
  2. import everything
  3. create the material and add the textures to it
  4. assign the materials

But before you do the upper steps, you have to make sure that the mesh is set up correctly -> e.g when you want to use static lights, the mesh should have a lightmap, probably you also want a custom collision, also make sure that the vertex normals are facing into the right direction,… :slight_smile: