First post and some question

Hi Everyone! I am Bernardo, 3d generalist. I would like to explore a bit the world of video games (from the developing side, as a player I have “some” experience :D) and the UE4 looked just too good to let the occasion slip… so here I am, just subscribed yesterday!

First playing with the tool is just great, really intuitive from the artist point of view. Totally happy with it, great work devs!

Now, some question. I own an indie license of substance painter and designer, and I would like to use them to export substances for UE4. Problem is, I am having trouble downloading the plugin. From the link at allegorithmic website I get a 404 error… Can Someone give me some help here?

Thanks a lot!

You need to be logged in to GitHub with your UE4 account to be able to see it, afaik.

thanks for the answer… I am trying to log in github with the ue4 account, but it does not work… says password is incorrect. Gonna try make a new account…

Sorry, my mistake. You won’t be logging in with the UE4 account but you’ll need to connect your UE4 account with your GitHub account. I dont remember how it is done now though so anyone else more knowledgeable than me feel free to enlighten Bernardo!

Ok, this makes more sense, as even with a new github account it did not work… Now I just need to understand how to connect the accounts! :smiley:

Thanks, you pointed me in the right direction! If I find out how to do it I am going to report it here :slight_smile:

Ok, maybe I know what is going on.

I think you need to have an active subscription to UE4 to be able to access the github repo. I unsubscribed because for the momento I just wanted to study the engine, so I did not need all the updates immediately… Can I resubscribe without having to pay the 19 euros, since I payed them yesterday?

You should still be able to get GitHub access for a month if you paid it yesterday, even if you cancelled the subscription. Check out this thread and see if it helps:!!!&highlight=substance+plug+in