first picture assument park game 2018

Hello everybody :smiley:

Just want to share what comning up in 2018 …first relese and some of the background to the project . And yes …Its BIG. Here some very early photos on the project…after 1 month work . Right now I focus very mech on coding , get the basics right.

As you can se first start up screen is up:). And the big goal with this projekt is to create a big assument park game , with candy shops, stores , resturangs, awesomes flat ride and coasters. Its even going to have playable working games in the park …where you can compition other people online . To that its going to be chattrooms and more great stuff ofcourse :slight_smile:

Like a say … very very early in progress right now :). Its coming loot of more stuff . :slight_smile:

Ps…the park is bigger. Its just where my first rides are :slight_smile: