First Person Zoom in BP

Hi Guys,

So attached is a screenshot of my blueprint for zooming in in a first person blueprint. It is functional and works, however I am trying to find a way to do it smoother. Can anyone shed any light on this? Maybe create a timer?



Zoom BP.png

You can interp the fov in the tick event

The other way using Timeline

Thank you. I’ll have have a go at this tonight :smiley:

Didn’t work unfortunately.

Here’s the thing. FInterp works by outputting a number greater than the current input, and <= the target input; driven by the Delta Time input and the Interp Speed input. As a result, to reach the target number, FInterp needs to be called multiple times(e.g. from the Tick function) with up-to-date values. I.e. the output from the previous call should be the Current input on this call.

Unfortunately, the mouse button inputs are one-time calls. Ergo, the setup you posted will not work as you want.

I would suggest trying 3dgo’s first screenshot, as that would be how I would set it up.

There’s no reason to be constantly calling that on tick when the player isn’t even zooming. The timeline should work fine, what about it didn’t work?