First Person with Third Person mesh (Multiplayer)


I’m in the process of making a game that is in first person view and will be multiplayer. Now obviously I would like others to see the entire character but not myself (Excluding mirrors etc).

What would be the best method of doing this?

I have tried attaching the camera to a third person character however it clips through the characters.

Would I be required to make 2 identical models (Just the arms and entire character) for every action (Interacting with objects etc).


You have one skeletal mesh that will be replicated for other players to see and another for your local player to see. Replicated mesh have to be full body with third person animations. Local mesh can be just hands, but you will need separate anim blueprints for these two meshes and different animations for hands. For local first person mesh you would tick OnlyOwnerSee and for replicated third person mesh tick OwnerNoSee in Rendering properties. And enable replication for character.

This seems to be the answer I was looking for, 1 for local and one for connected clients seems right.

Thanks for this.