First person to third person multiplayer

Hey guys Im kinda new to ue4 and all. I have a problem that i cant seem to find in a any tutorials out there in the internet so i might as well ask it here. I want to make a FPS game where the other clients can see you in third person while controlling their own first person characters. Can you give me any insights on how to work on the logic on that? Aside from the technique where you attach a camera on a third person character. :slight_smile: Thanks in advance

Can’t you just locally move their camera to a 3rd person angle?

hmmm but i want the players to be in first person view not third person

First, thanks for asking this question. I have been meaning to go in and set up something like this just to learn what is needed. Your question inspired me.

Moving the camera will change perspective, and while the controls are the same, the third person character and Character Movement has some things that need enabled and disabled. You can use one camera, but for the setup below I used two. I used the mixamo character for this so it started in third and changed to first. When C is pressed it changes to first person and when V is pressed it goes back to third.


I miss understood the question. You want a chopped up first person like in the demo while the other players are seeing the full body.
Ignore my last.

There are 2 check boxes on each skeletal mesh, Only Owner See and Owner Not See or something along those lines. You set the character up with both skeletal meshes and toggle opposite these 2 boxes

If you look at the Shooter example map they do exactly that. Within the character blueprint you will see the First person arms, and the third person character. That should be able to answer your question.


I wonder if it would just be easier to bring up a Third-Person Template and move the camera to the First-Person position and fix the camera rotation with the body…

@Yggdrasil i don’t think so because of the body mesh of the character