First person/Third Person issue

Hello all, hit a bit of a road block here…

So to start i have the Ballistics fx pack from Cubit studios, i changed the first person mesh to a TPP character, everything works fine in that, my issue once i switch to FPP mesh, (once i’ve detached the fx spawners from the TPP gun to the FPP gun), i lose the “aiming” part of the projectiles, any help would be appreciated, i have linked a vid so that everyone can see what i’m talking about, cause i probably make no sense… :slight_smile: and 2 screens of the code i used for switching from TPP to FPP, if anything else is needed i can take a screen or a vid and upload it

Youtube vid=

How do you switch camera?

Meaning blend with another camera or are you moving the camera?

Dig deep into how your aiming code is done as well. It’s losing whatever it uses by default to get your camera firward vector.

I’m literally switching to a new camera, so going off what you said, i looked at the event graph, found the aim transform that controls the projectile spawning, then the macro that controls that, i get how its doing it, but how would i go about adding another camera and making the transform use it instead of the original camera? or do i need to write another aim offset wiht that camera and then tell it to switch between them when the camera switch is done?
i appreciate the help

My suggestion is don’t change camera change its location put a scene component where you want it to go. Then when you go third person you move the cameras location to that transform and back.

In my game I use a spring arm, at zero length it’s first person and when I go 3rd simply extend it. So still same camera.

But I imagine you could just move the camera between two scene component location transforms

That did it, thank you very much, appreciate it immensely, was racking my brain on that one lol,