First Person Template Character Camera Position

do you guys think that the camera position in the FP Template is too high ?
I migrated the door from the Realistic Rendering demo and set the ceiling height to 270 Units in my Level and with the standart camera settings it looks really weird.
You feel like you are too big for the room, so i lowered the camera from 64 to 56 and it looked way better.
I found no way to check the camera height in the Realistic Rendering Demo, because the character BP had no camera attached.

Is there a way to check the height of the camera of the realistic Rendering demo ?

I feel it is too high as well, it looks like the blue first person arms and gun mesh has what appears to be the top of a head at the bottom of the screen, the camera should be sitting just infront of this head mesh and not above and behind it.

Hey Yibby -

There is a difference of height in the character pawn’s camera between the FPS example and the Realistic Rendering example. In the Realistic Rendering example, the camera height is 88.0 and the default in FPS is at 96.0. For your information you can find this information by looking at the Components section of the FPS_Character blueprint and note the Capsule Component’s Capsule Half Height which is the camera height in this level.

Hope that was helpful,
Eric Ketchum

Yep i saw that 88 but didn’t know that it is also the camera height. I tried to delete the camera from the FP Template and it’s still working, didn’t know that the character has a “build in” Camera either.
I think it’s better to make the character smaller instead of making everything in the Level bigger.