First Person Slide

Hello Everyone,

I am looking for a first person slide. I was wondering if anyone had any ideas on this or if there is a tutorial on this.

Thank you!

Going to need a bit more info.

I’m going to assume you mean slide on the ground, which is doing Character Movement->Set Ground Friction=0 and Set Brake Walking Acceleration= 0

An example would be call of duty they go into a slide when sprinting and hit the crouch button.

In that case you will want to use a Bool that you set when you press sprint and have a Branch connected to your Crouch Action. Have the condition be IfSprinting = True then Set Friction = 0, Set Braking = 0 ,Crouch---->then into a Timeline running 2 float curves to set your friction and braking on update, false would just be crouch.

The end points of the curve will be your default which are usually 8 and 2048. The Start point you will have to adjust to taste, I just put 0 above as an example

What this will do is as you press crouch while sprinting it will reduce your ground friction/braking, crouch and then trigger the timeline to bring friction and braking back up to normal after what ever length of time you choose. Make sure you run Set Friction and Set Braking on the update exec, feed the Friction/braking values from the timeline into your sets.

If you want to get fancy you can put in Math Expressions based on how fast you are moving onto your initial set friction and braking to be dynamic. The faster you are moving the less friction you will have when you press crouch. But this is all for a game where it is possible to exceed your max movement speed or you have gradual increase to your sprinting speed.

For a gradual increase in sprint speed you would hook a timeline up to your sprint key and have it increase your max walk speed over time, instead of having a flat increase